FEDVICTORY Coaching Program :

You started a BIG dream. The FEDVICTORY Coaching Program can help you reach the wealth and prosperity you desire.

For the past six years, over 1,100 small businesses from around the country have launched into the federal government marketplace without bidding, without red tape and without needing expensive government consultants.

Win No-bid Federal Government Contracts


• 24-Step ACTION Plan
• 28 Years of Best Practices
• 800 Pages of Regulations
• Mountain of Facts


• 20 Federal Buyers
• 15 Federal End-users
• 10 Federal Agency Small Advocates


• Federal Follow-up System
• Educational Moments
• Federal Networking Events


Find out what’s in the way of getting your share of federal contracts.

Attend the Federal Introductory Coaching Session


Explore No-bid Federal Government Contracting

Is significantly growing your small business by selling to the federal government an opportunity for you?

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Best for Small Businesses With
$500k to $30 million Revenue

FEDVICTORY Success Coach

Private meeting every week

Build Key Systems

Organize to work only 5 hours / week

24-Step ACTION Plan

Customized to your industry

Study after study shows the only Business Path to Wealth and Prosperity is by capturing and keeping multiple big clients! So what is preventing you from growing and taking your company to the next level with giant clients?

You may want to explore growing by selling to multiple giant federalagencies… without bidding and without all the red tape.

Join us on our next Big online Coaching Session, “Explore Multiple Giant Federal Clients For Your Small Business”.

Federal Growth Introductory Coaching Sessions Dates and Times: (Except Holidays)

• Every Monday: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ET

• Every Tuesday: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm ET

• Every Thursday: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm ET

Knowledge plus Coaching = Success

Getting Started

Attend the “Explore Giant Federal Clients” Coaching Session

Is Your Business Delivering All That You Want and Hope?Or are you barely surviving? Results from a new survey by the insurance company Zurich showed that entrepreneurs are overworked and underpaid compared to their employee counterparts. Many small business owners are working up to 72 hours per week, taking no vacations ( let alone taking their family on a European vacation for a month) and taking home less than $30,000 per year (basically equivalent to minimum wage for the number of hours worked). Now is the time to stop the madness and get paid what you deserve by capturing multiple giant federal clients!

Overworded Entrepreneurs Takes Its Toll…

• 50% are too busy to take lunch breaks!

• 48% work 7 days per week!

• 82% took no vacation this year!

Doing Everyone’s Job…

• 70% do ALL functions – Sales, Ops etc.!

Not Making the BIG Bucks…

• 51% have no regular salary!

• 39% take home less than $30,000!

At the end of the Coaching Session, we promise that you will be able to make an informed, intelligent decision if growing with no-bid federal contracts is a fit for your business. Here’s just a taste of the practical easy-to-implement information you’ll learn in the Coaching Session:

• LEARN: Learn that too paper work is a myth!
• LEARN: Learn that the government must by law in 30 days!
• LEARN: Learn how to be the only one bidding!
• LEARN: Learn why large companies can’t wait to team with you!
• LEARN: Learn why the low bid does not win 80% of the time!
• LEARN: Learn all the Facts of No-Bid Federal Contracting!
• LEARN: Learn the 5 Myths that prevent 98% from federal selling!
• LEARN: Learn how you can avoid all the mind-numbing red-tape!
• LEARN: Learn how to avoid the GSA!
• LEARN: Learn if you qualify to sell to the Federal Government!

How Much is the “Explore Giant Federal Clients” Coaching Session? Tuition is just $497. This includes all Coaching Session material.

Bonus: At the end of the Coaching Session, we’re going to give away our video program, “How to Register Perfectly“, a $997 value!

Your Own FEDVICTORY Success Coach

Private one-to-one meetings every week via phone or web meeting

No Need for Expensive Consultants
Create Repeatable Systems
Empower Your Sales Team
Learn the Best Practices
Get Real Accountability
No Red Tape
No Bidding
Questions? We’re here to help. Call: 800 504-8399 or email: federalcontracts@IAUSGC.org

Kristen Nevils Chairman and Founder / MR Crafts Inc.

“ Selling to federal government took my small manufacturing and distribution company to new heights. Thank you Chip and IA U.S. GC for helping us surpass our goals! ”