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Yes. The platform is optimized to work in both smartphone and tablet browsers.

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Yes. We work with industry associations, BNI, franchisors and affinity groups and would be happy to talk to you about a customized program.

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Yes. You’ll maintain access through the end of your billing cycle and your card won’t be charged again.

How is the FEDVICTORYCoaching Programdifferent?

Our online educational program is designed for you to go at your own pace to win federal government contracts. The FEDVICTORY Coaching Program accelerates the process of winning contracts by providing you weekly private meeting with an assigned FEDVICTORY Success Coach and our Association also assigns you a Procurement Operative to literally do 19 of the 24 Action Steps for you. There is no faster, easier or lower cost way to win no-bid federal contracts.

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Kristen Nevils Chairman and Founder / MR Crafts Inc.

“ Selling to federal government took my small manufacturing and distribution company to new heights. Thank you Chip and IA U.S. GC for helping us surpass our goals! ”