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Since 2008, we’ve been enabling small business owners to grow by selling to multiple giant federal government agencies.

Study after study shows that only one business path leads to long term wealth and prosperity – the Elephant Herder Path. To move your business to the Elephant Herder Pathyou must capture and keep more than one huge client.If you don’t have multiple giant clients, then we have the answers and the coaching programs to move you to the “wealth and prosperity” path by winning multiple giant federalclients. The last thing you need is to hire consultants who simply “do it for you”. You need to learn and have the skills inside your own organization so that you can capture and keep multiple giant federal clients and move to a whole new level of profitability without going through the brain damage of ever increasing consulting fees and lower results. If you want game changing results that explode your profits — results that come from capturing multiple elephant-sized clients, we not only provide it… we guarantee it! We have enabled hundreds of businesses to capture multiple giant clients from coast to coast, in industries ranging from Aviation, Constructions, Manufacturing, Engineering, Accounting, Business Services, IT, Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution. We back up our work with an unprecedented 6 Point Guarantee — so you’ve got everything to gain. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Vision – Our Heart: To see every small business become victorious in what they want and earn what they deserve. Mission – To enable every small business to grow profits by a minimum of 20% by coaching owners to develop the lifetime skills to win federal government contracts without bidding, red tape, or needing expensive government consultants.

President’s Greeting

Greetings, When you join theInternational Association of U.S. Government Contractors(IA U.S. GC), you know you’ve joined a special group of professionals. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality coaching and education to help you win U.S. Federal Government Contracts. IA U.S. GC is an organization of business owners from around the globe engaged or interested in winning contracts with the federal government in the fastest, easiest and lowest cost way possible. We are dedicated to expanding contracting opportunities for small businesses and those new to the procurement process. We offer training, coaching and networking opportunities to get your business involved in procurement with all levels of the federal government. Joining the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors demonstrates your commitment to professional practices and continuing education in the field of U.S. Federal Government procurement.Here you will find a staff of procurement professionals and success coaches, ready and willing to help you grow your business through government contracts. I look forward to working with you and beginning a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Warm Regards, W. H. (Chip) Ellis President

Board of Advisors

A Board of Advisors directs the advocacy mission of the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors.

Founder Trustees

Founder Trustees are a group of long-term members who have made a commitment to government contracting and the future of the International Association of U.S. Government Contractors. Founder Trustee membership is by invitation only to long-term members of IA U.S. GC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does IA U.S. GC do for my business? Through educational programs, seminars, orientations, webinars, books and publications, coaching and other services, IA U.S. GC prepares your business to win U.S. Federal Government contracts. Do I need to manufacture or have my service based in the United States to be eligible to win U.S. Federal Government Contracts? The U.S. Government does reserve business for U.S. manufacturers and service providers. However, many bi-lateral trade agreements also have statements that the U.S. Government will buy products and services from the outside country. And with Contracts estimated to reach over $500 billion over this year, there are opportunities for both U.S. companies and companies from around the world. Where is IA U.S. GC located? IA U.S. GC offices are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Who operates IA U.S. GC? A full-time staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of IA U.S. GC. Volunteer members serve on advisory boards that oversee several areas of IA U.S. GC operations including accepting small businesses into the 6 month FEDVICTORY Coaching Program. Is IA U.S. GC affiliated with a government agency? No. IA U.S. GC is not directly affiliated with any federal agency. However, IA U.S. GC does provide educational seminars on behalf of SCORE. How can I make an informed decision if federal contracting is right for my small business? The best way to learn more is to register today for our educational 2-hour online Coaching Session, “Explore Giant Federal Clients” where we reveal EVERYTHING you need to make an informed, intelligent decision if selling to multiple federal government agencies is a fit for your business. In the Coaching Session, Chip Ellis, President of International Association of U.S. Government Contractors will teach you the Three Business Paths (every business is on one), why two lead to ultimate failure, and how to identify the one you’re stuck on. You’ll discover how to move from one of the dead-end Paths to the “Elephant-herder” Path (the only Business Path that leads to long term wealth and prosperity) by capturing multiple giant federal clients. And how to sell to multiple federal agencies without bidding, without all the mind-numbing red tape and without needing to hire an expense government consultant. Register now for the Coaching Session and understand for yourself why capturing multiple giant clients will allow you to finally “Make It BIG!” with your small business.